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Message From Chairman

Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon his Prophets and Messengers, Prophet Mohammed, his family and companions.

On behalf of all my colleagues, faculty members, lectures, Assistant Lecturers, Associate Professors, Professors and administrative staff of the Information Technology Department, I welcome you to this site.

In the contemporary time, the term Technology or Computing Technology has turned into a broad umbrella that includes many uses, which refers to the science of computing that stands behind it and represents the root that gives it life. Computing Technology, in general, has provided the mathematical and scientific ground for manufacturing: systems, programs, tools, and interfaces as a whole, which facilitated a lot of benefits as it: cut time and distances that saved the current generation many of their precious times, and raised the level of comfort and luxurious living. Technology has grown and extended to various areas of use, considering how technology contributes to ensuring continuity in performing its functions to serve the needs of citizens/residents without interruption. We might comprehend the level of how it has become the first line of security in strengthening and protecting our homelands and the vital works of many of its sectors.

It is no secret for the observer interested in this matter to notice the intensity of the competition between nations to win over the leadership of this modern industry. It further deepened its ramifications and research and included applications of modern scientific ideas and theories that applied to various aspects of an individual's life at the current time. Given this situation, we cannot overlook the importance of this unique path, with all its incorporated details, which has become the distinguishing landmark in indicating the progress and advancement of nations worldwide.

Motivated by what has been mentioned before, King Abdulaziz University, through its scientists, researchers, and employees, is keen to provide continuous support to all fields of science. Also, Abdulaziz University is interested in giving the technology track special attention to keep pace with developments and domains in the circle of competition, which will benefit our citizens of this great country. Accordingly, the Department of Information Technology in Rabigh was established in conjunction with the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology (FCITR) in 2009. Its activities began with the beginning of the second semester of the same year. At the beginning of this department, the interest was in developing students' technical skills, as they studied supervised courses in modern technology. For this purpose, several laboratories were secured that were equipped with many devices of advanced features and abilities. In addition, the department is interested in conducting scientific research in various fields related to information technology. In light of this commendable trend, the department seeks to attract qualified and diverse cadres of researchers and faculty members.

I hope that the Department of Information Technology continues to carry out the activities for which it was established and will keep the torch of light lit on this path for successive generations of students and Rabigh communities and use it to extend the bonds of communication among all.

May Allah help us to do our best.

The Acting Chairman of IT Department
Dr. Almuhannad Sulaiman Alorfi



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